🎹 Event-driven JavaScript library that enables MIDI playback in the browser

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Event-driven JavaScript library that enables MIDI playback in the browser.

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This library can be installed via NPM, using the default registry:

npm i web-midi-player

Alternatively, you can set up npm to use GPR to install the library. The dependency can be then installed like this:

npm i @yvesgurcan/web-midi-player

Whichever registry you’ve used, you can then use ES module syntax to load the dependency.

import MidiPlayer from 'web-midi-player';

Or use the CommonJS module system.

const MidiPlayer = require('web-midi-player');


Alternatively, you can add this library to your project with a script tag.

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/web-midi-player@latest/index.js"></script>

The library will be accessible under window['web-midi-player'].default.

    const { 'web-midi-player': { default: MidiPlayer } } = window;

Getting started

This package requires MIDI instrument patches compatible with Timidity (.pat files) in order to play audio.

By default, the player loads instrument patches via the jsDeliver CDN.

const midiPlayer = new MidiPlayer();
midiPlayer.play({ url: 'song.mid' });

Alternatively, you can download instrument patches and add them to your project. Make sure to provide the path to the uncompressed files when instantiating the MIDI player.

const midiPlayer = new MidiPlayer({ patchUrl: 'public/patches/' });
midiPlayer.play({ url: 'song.mid' });

Browser compatibility

This library relies on the Web Audio API and more specifically the AudioContext interface to control MIDI playback. This library will not function as expected with browsers that do not fully support this API.

It is currently not possible to use Web Midi Player with any version of Internet Explorer.


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Clone the repository.

git clone https://github.com/yvesgurcan/web-midi-player

Install dependencies.

npm i

Start development server.

npm start

Continuous integration / Continuous development

This repository uses GitHub Actions to automate certain tasks such as creating releases, publishing to NPM, and running tests.

This library was created with the help of: